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Weight gain and weight loss are things that can affect anyone and everyone and have been central topics of discussion all around the world. As we have begun to lead increasingly sedentary lifestyles in the 21st-century, our health and vitality have become a matter of critical concern, and not nearly enough people are taking as much notice as they should of it.

Of course, people are also typically after a quick and convenient solution, which is possible provided one finds the right weight loss programme, which can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

It takes patience and perseverance, and the problem is that most people lose motivation halfway through their search. And the thing about weight loss is that if you do not have a resolution, you cannot get anywhere.

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What Is The Fat Diminisher?

The Fat Diminisher created by Wesley Virgin (former military man turned fitness coach), is one such programme and works by first giving you an insight into your eating habits and how they are integral to influencing your weight loss goals.

They start by targetting the root of the problem, which is often how problems are best dealt with. Simply snipping off the branches does not mean the problem will cease to exist.

The programme is made up of several different tools, and tackles both metabolism and weight loss together. It boosts metabolic health, in turn fuelling fat burning and weight loss as a result.
What we like
  • One of the reasons it is quite useful is because it does not give you any shortcuts, instead it shows you how to modify your life as a whole. In other words, it breaks it all down into a strategy so you can approach it just like any other case.
  • So it is not about diet pills or liquid diets at all, it is about a complete upheaval and looking at the long-term establishment of this routine for extended results and maintenance. A major issue many people face is that even if they do lose weight at first before they know it, it starts creeping up again. So following an upgraded lifestyle is useful in this regard.
  • The other positive is that it definitely takes into account our modern day lifestyles by including recipes that are not only healthy but also easy to prepare. So no hunting them up on Google and guessing which ingredients you can swap for those at home, or scouring Pinterest for healthy food ideas.
  • You can simply refer to their handy manual, which will have all the recipes listed out extensively. Enjoy variety, good taste, and good health all with utmost convenience. What is more, it even tells you how much of each nutrient you should consume daily.
  • The fact that it does not depend on any sort of quick-fix is also enticing, as it goes to show the plan works hand-in-hand with the body, not shocking it into any changes. By gradually accustoming it to a new way of living, the Fat Diminisher aims to create change from the inside, so you not only look good, but also feel great.
  • Spike your energy levels and mobility, and expect better mood control as you eliminate the toxic fast-food of our times. Plus, seeing as how it was created by a former military man, it is not too surprising that discipline is integrated into every aspect of the programme.
  • Another interesting concept introduced is ‘ab-walking’, which is pretty much exactly how it sounds. This clever trick aims to correct and maintain your posture, whilst toning your abs with minimal effort. How? By giving your abs a work-out when walking of course.
  • So if you are someone who has difficulty getting so much as an hour to yourself on the regular, this can be a useful tool to use anywhere you are. Whether you walk home from work or to the subway, you can still squeeze in a work-out.
  • Skills that are worthy of our modern-day species no doubt! Speaking of tricks, there are also 5 mind tricks supplied to set your mentality straight before approaching the programmes, so you are fully supported at all times. Weight loss is about mental preparation as well as physical, so it is important that you merge the two instead of handling them separately.

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What we don't like
  • The problem with it, (and quite frankly most other diets), is that it is not a magical cure of any kind. Basically, if you do not bother putting in the time and the effort, well then, the diet is not going to work, no matter what you do. It has a systematic approach for a reason, so messing with that set-up will obviously alter the end result too.
  • So if you feel like this is too much work for you, you could be sure that nothing else will work either, since as mentioned before, there is no off-the-counter option to offer.


That said, the Fat Diminisher has been recorded to show exceptional results; as much as 40 pounds in 4 weeks, which is the span of one month. Though this might seem far-fetched to some, given the rigorous and targeted schedule, it is not entirely surprising. It must be re-iterated that strictly following it is necessary for results.

Since the initiative is driven by an army man, it has also been designed with results in mind, seeing as how that is the norm in the military. So it only makes sense that you also approach it with the same sort of energy. Additionally, this is not a programme that was conjured in one day.

Wes himself spent a great deal of time trying and testing numerous diets, modifying them and coming up with a range of systems that would appear to work at first, but have complications further down. Which resulted in him having to start over and over again, eventually combining a bunch of things extracted from different sources, then carefully combining them into one comprehensive plan with efficiency and convenience in mind.

He has undoubtedly succeeded in this regard, as the Fat Diminisher program tackles a host of weight-related problems.

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