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Lean Belly Breakthrough Reviews

Regardless of whether you are overweight or not, muffin tops and flabby bellies are problems that could affect anyone. Needless to say, they are detested by men and women alike, and aside from being unsightly, it is also a sign of declining health.

This fat is typically known as visceral fat, which forms a sort of cushioning around your internal organs, stifling them. Hence, a lean belly is more than just about looking good. It is a matter of your health, and the belly as it turns out, is also one of the most notorious parts of your body to burn off fat.

In fact, no matter how rigorous your workout regime may be, you will find that belly fat is the last to go. It definitely does not go down without a fight. That said, there are a few targeted programmes out there, like the Lean Belly Breakthrough which we will dissect here.

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Lean Belly Breakthrough

Why the Lean Belly Breakthrough?

The brainchild of Bruce Krahn and Dr. Heinrick, the Lean Belly Breakthrough is exactly what its name implies; a breakthrough in achieving a lean belly. For those of you who have tried endless options all in an effort to get rid of that dreaded belly fat only to find it did not so much as budge, it may all seem like a moot point, but keeping an open mind will help.

Interestingly though, this programme is specifically designed for individuals above 35 years across both genders. Heinrick’s formula is pretty much what powers the entire thing, and does not depend on any sort of external assistance, that is to say via supplements, medication and the like.

What is more intriguing about it, is that it involves a simple 2-minute ritual, inspired by a terrifying incident involving a heart-attack. What resulted afterward is a programme claiming to axe 9 pounds of belly fat in a mere 3 days, whilst shedding another 30 pounds a month later.

Click here for the Official Lean Belly Breakthrough

What we like
  • Aside from the fact that this is ridiculously fast and therefore can be easily incorporated into most of our hectic schedules with ease, the Lean Belly Breakthrough has a host of other benefits. The first being, how it begins at the very foundation of losing belly fat, by listing out all the foods that are bad for you and could lead to heart-attacks. It then follows up with a list of all the foods that are good for you, so when you shop you know what list to check off. It gives instructions on how to stock only these foods at home, so you are not tempted to bring back chips, cookies, and cheese instead.
  • Additionally, what is perhaps most useful is that they have also included health signs triggered by your body when your heart is in poor health. That way, you will be able to rein in on the problem early on, instead of ignoring it and allowing it to worsen over time, which often leads to cardiovascular complications such as heart-attacks and strokes. By educating yourself about what these signs are, you will be able to approach your overall health better.
  • Another key feature is that the Lean Belly Breakthrough literally breaks down the entire process step-by-step for you, directly related to getting rid of your belly fat. So there is nothing to decipher or anything you will find terribly complicated since it is quite straightforward and cuts straight to the point.
  • What is more, they have even helpfully included tracking sheets so you can monitor your progress, and refer your activity over a given period of time. Plus, since Bruce Kahn himself bears over 15 years of experience as a fitness consultant, the programme is quite reliable and is known to work for everyone, though it is designed for older people.
What we don't like
  • However, this is not a ‘miraculous’ solution as some people call it. In fact, no diet programme is a ‘miracle’ more than it is hard work. This is the same as any other weight loss regime, whatever your goals may be; you cannot achieve anything overnight and this is true here too. So you will have to be dedicated and committed to the full thing, not just the part you think you are okay to handle.
  • Another issue that is not detrimental per se but does count especially since it is targeted to older people, is that the programme is available in digital format, and though most of us are technologically savvy, there are undoubtedly those who would prefer to work off books or some sort of manual mode.


All-in-all, the Lean Belly Breakthrough programme seems to be very effective, mainly because of how it handles the process. Of course, you do need to make some sacrifices food-wise for your health, but what it proves is that healthy does not have to mean compromising on taste.

Their meal plans include some delicious recipes, all made with incredibly fresh ingredients that are heart-healthy and nutritious in general. You may even be surprised at some of them. Go ahead and embrace a new lifestyle with a few changes to everyday habits. Shop better, cook better, eat better and live better.

Remember you will not be able to achieve the results you are looking for by cutting any corners, so make sure you follow it to a ‘t’. Follow each meal plan and ensure you also do the power work-out suggested afterwards. The combination of exercise in this programme is heartening, as they do not try to achieve results with absurd notions, instead choosing to stick with logic and practicality.

Plus, you can also do this at home, which can be incredibly convenient. Whilst they certainly do not tell you to not eat certain foods, it is a sort of given when you see what is on the food list. Sugar and processed foods are, for instance, two of your main enemies so steer clear of them. You can also go for a brisk walk or jog, or go ahead with whatever work-out routine you followed (if you were following one), so you will have more targeted results as well.

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