Penis Exercises – Do They Increase Penis Size?

The size of a man’s penis generally boosts his confidence level (and most times, his sexual prowess). Studies claim that the seven out of ten men are naturally dissatisfied with the size of their penis.

This is why companies that produce penis enlargement creams and pills are smiling to the bank. But do these “too good to be true” alternatives actually work?

Well, research suggests that creams and pills actually have zero effect on enlarging penises. Rather, men who suffer from “micropenis” (a condition in which the penis does not exceed the length of three inches even while erect) are advised to try out penis enlargement exercises.

So, what exactly are penis enlargement exercises?

These are techniques that are employed to increase the size of the penis. Simply, picture the way women do squats to achieve a bigger and firmer backside. Penis enlargement exercises are geared towards a similar effect; increasing the size of the penis.

There are several types of penis enlargement exercises, some of which will be expatiated below.


This is by far the most known and common type of exercise. Jelqing encourages blood flow to the penis while stimulating the growth of the soft tissue of the penis (corpora cavernosa). The soft tissue is responsible for achieving a firm and long-lasting erection. This method involves gently pulling the penis while flaccid or semi-erect to facilitate an increase in its length. This technique has been reported to produce visible results within months of practice.

Thumb Stretching Technique

This is another great technique for increasing the length of the penis. This technique involves placing a thumb at the base of the penis, facing the direction of the knees.

Then pull the penis in different directions for at least 20 seconds with an interval of 4 seconds. This method can be repeated several times in a week for faster results.

The Ultimate Stretch

Like the name implies, it does involve stretching, a lot of it. It is an excellent technique for those seeking extra length. The penis is gently stretched outwardly for at most 30 seconds and then released at intervals (preferably every five seconds or so to avoid pain). This should be done in a semi-erect state. The penis can be stretched towards any direction (upward, downward or to the sides).


Although kegels is an exercise popularized by women, not many men know that this exercise is actually good for improving the quality of erection. It helps increase blood flow to the penis, thus, aiding firmer and longer erections.

This method is a bit technical compared to other methods, as it would require you locating your Pubococcygeus Muscle. This can be achieved by halting urine flow.

Once that is done, you simply contract the Pubococcygeus muscle for about five seconds and release at intervals of two seconds. This technique should be repeated every day, spanning a total of twenty to thirty minutes per day

Do these exercises work?

Yes. Penis enlargement exercises have been proven to produce positive results in men suffering from “micropenis“. Although, the process is painstakingly slow and may be downright frustrating sometimes, it is a more natural and safe alternative to pills and lotions that can cause damage to the penis and the body.


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