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The 3 Week Diet Reviews

One of the constants of modern life is continuously trying to lose weight and achieve your dream goal. This is not surprising considering that almost 30 percent of the world’s population is estimated to be obese. That amounts to around 2.1 billion people across the globe.

Even if you aren’t that overweight, you may be looking to shed a few pounds, here and there. The 3 Week Diet is a program that promises expedited weight loss within 21 days. It is penned by Brian Flatt and is a step-by-step guide to weight loss.

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What Does the 3 Week Diet Contain?

One of the main focuses of the 3 Week diet is food, much as the name implies. Here, the diet portion of this program can be separated into four stages – detoxing, fasting, the fat phase, and custom dieting. Of course, there are also plenty of rules for exercise. Altogether, the author claims that by strictly following all the rules outlined in this manual, the average person can lose between 12 to 23 pounds.

The first phase is the detox period. Here, the dieter is restricted to certain foods. This helps to flush out your system as well as lose a considerable amount of body fat along the way. This part is quite restrictive in terms of the food that you are actually allowed to eat. As long as you stick with it, you will be able to lose weight.

The next part of the diet is the fasting period. However, unlike many other programs, the fasting portion lasts for just 24 hours. Also, Flatt constructs the schedule so that it is easier for most people to achieve. This means starting the fast at the end of one day and carrying it on until the end of the next day. As a result, a good chunk of this time is spent sleeping, making it less stressful.

After this, dieters are encouraged to move onto the third portion of the diet which is coined the Fat Phrase. Now, Flatt rightly speaks about how fat isn’t actually related to “getting fat”. In fact, including additional healthy fats in your diet, you are able to burn more fat.

Flatt advises doing this by ensuring that around 80 percent of total calories consumed is derived from fats. At the same time, dieters should not consume more than a certain number of calories, typically 1200 calories a day.

Then, it is all about tailored dieting.

Here, each person has to calculate their individual basal metabolic rate (BMR) which tells them how much energy they use up when at rest. This helps to determine just how many calories each dieter should consume each day to lose weight. This phase will continue until the 21 days are up.

It should be noted that during the diet phase, supplement consumption will be suggested to make up for the facts that you are restricting certain foods. So, those who wish to be strict about their participation will need to purchase these.

Despite being labeled as a ‘diet’ though, this regime is so much more and contains instructions for exercise as well. These start off slow and are easy enough even for unfit individuals to accomplish. The exercise helps to complement the weight loss that is a result of the dieting. The workouts are just twenty minutes long and are quick enough to fit into anyone’s day. They need to be repeated about three to four days a week.

It should be noted that the diet and exercise plan is targeted towards healthy individuals, following traditional eating plans. So, individuals with pre-diagnosed medical conditions such as diabetes should not partake. Also, due to the methodology used, this isn’t a great plan for vegans or vegetarians.

Overall, this book contains a mix of facts and scientific statements along with a detailed plan of what dieters need to do. The program has been constructed so that it is specific to each individual, making it beneficial to everyone that reads it.

There is no denying that it is rigid with very little room for slacking off or cheating. However, should customers stick with all the instructions provided in the book, they will undoubtedly see results.

Pros and Cons
Here, we see where the book succeeds and where it fails:

Click here for the Official 3 Week Diet Site

What we like
  • The main advantage of this program is that it actually works. If dieters follow the plan that has been laid out for them, they will undoubtedly begin losing weight. At the end of the three weeks, they will have definitely shed a considerable number of pounds.
  • The other thing that stands out about this book is that it contains a healthy balance of both diet and exercise. So, in addition to losing weight, people actually begin improving their physical condition. This is partially what makes the final results so astonishing – people aren’t just lighter, they also look more toned.
  • The book also offers up helpful additional advice such as journaling to keep track of progress. All of these little tidbits of information make the overall plan a lot more achievable and successful.
  • The book has a money-back guarantee. So, if dieters aren’t pleased with the transformation they have seen, they can get their money back as compensation.
What we don't like
  • Despite being successful, the diet is quite restrictive. This means that people who follow it have to have a lot of self-control if they are to succeed. The limited foods can also become a little tiresome after a period of time.
  • There is also the fact that the book recommends using supplements. This can be discouraging to some if they don’t want to spend the money. Also, there are many who see supplements as being unhealthy.
  • While you will definitely lose weight on this plan, there is no real guarantee about how much you will shed. The actual amount varies from person to person and depends on numerous factors, including how strictly you follow the diet.


In short, The 3 Week Diet is something that you should turn to if you want to lose a lot of weight in a short period of time. The book carefully outlines all the food and exercise plans that you need to follow to make this transformation possible. You will certainly not be disappointed by the results you see.

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